9 Reasons For Family Photo Shoot

January 6, 2023By 0
    1. Kids Grow Up Fast

    Kids grow up too fast. When you get photos taken every year you are documenting the growth and development of your family.

    Sometimes you don’t even realize the benefits of family portraits until later in life. One of the best ways to relive all those precious life moments is through portraits.


    1. Everyone Will Be In Town

    Does your family have an annual tradition? Maybe everyone is in town for Thanksgiving.

    A reunion can be the perfect opportunity to get those family portraits taken. For some families, this only happens once in a while. Don’t miss your chance to document your family!


    1. Document Life Events

    Your kids are starting high school. Family members move away. A job opportunity takes your child across the country. A wedding is in the near future. Life events happen no matter what. This is all the more reason to get the portraits taken.


    This one is hard to talk about but we all know life can be full of surprises. The sudden passing of a grandparent or family member can make your photos priceless. If you miss the opportunity to take that last portrait with them the feeling inside will never go away. Keep in mind, the first thing you do when you lose someone, you immediately find all the photos you have of them. Why? Because photos remind you of the good times and the life they lived.

    1. Celebrate A Milestone

    When you plan family portraits around a milestone you not only get together to celebrate that occasion, but you get to capture the moments and have them documented. Graduations, promotions, birthdays, and anniversaries. These are all perfect times to combine a family portrait with your loved one’s milestone.

    1. Creating Memories

    Create memories. Don’t let life pass and look back wondering why you didn’t take the time for family pictures. As a parent, you won’t remember every moment. But when you take photos every year you get to see and relive that time in your life.

    1. Family’s Legacy

    It’s not just for you it’s your family’s legacy you are building. Don’t put it off because your hair’s not done or you wanted to lose a few extra pounds.  Your children won’t notice the dark roots or a smile line, but they will definitely be disappointed if they don’t have any photographs of themselves to share with their kids.

    1. Life Gets Busy

    Life happens.  You never know when the last chance for a family photo will come. Don’t take for granted the time you have with each other. Get those portraits taken every year.

    1. Your family portraits bring your family together.  It reminds your family of its love for one another.  Your family portraits bring joy.  And, in hard times, your family portraits can bring comfort and can heal.
    2. Did you know the simple act of having your families’ photographs hung in your house increases your children’s self-esteem?  Studies show that having your family photographed and having your loving portraits displayed prominently in your home sends the message that your family is important to one another…and that you honour the memories you created together.