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Birth is one of the most important, sacred and powerful experiences you will ever have. It is our job to secure every moment of when you meet the love of your life. We strive to honour the sacredness of your story. We document your birth day quietly and unobtrusively. Your baby and your body lead the way.

We have attended over 800 birth photography sessions such as home births, hospital births, water births and multiple twin births since 2011. Each birth has been different, unique and unpredictable.

Ezgi is a big believer in having the right support team for your birth, and your photographer is a part of that team. It is essential that you feel safe with having us there for birth photography session. We want you to feel like you hired someone who truly understands and respects the sacredness of the birth process. Ezgi as a birth photographer, has spent a lot of time training and learning with midwives, doulas and birth psychologists so that her presence doesn’t interrupt your labour or birth. Ezgi will be attending your labour by herself using only the camera (no flash, no tripod, etc). Birth photography session shouldn’t get in the way of your birth. You, your baby and your husband come first. Ezgi will take care of the rest as your birth photographer.


We accept a limited number of births per year. This is to make sure that we have the availability to accommodate your birth photography session. You should contact us as soon as you have a due date so we can tentatively block out that time for you.

We will finalize details during the beginning of your second trimester. It’s never too late to ask, though, so if you are further along than this, you can still check in with us to see if we have anything open.


We are always happy to meet with families beforehand, and there is no additional cost for that. Birth is a very intimate, personal experience, so whatever you need to feel comfortable with our presence we are happy to do.


Birth photography session requires a great deal of responsibility, sacrifice, and commitment. The most challenging aspect of our job is being on-call. We offer payment plans. For details on pricing for your birth photography session please Contact Us!

Frequently Asked Questions About Birth Photograpy


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