Birth Videography FAQ

May 14, 2021By 0

Why not film one of the most important moments of your life and probably the biggest milestone of your journey as a parent; The birth of your child. Remember all the details photography misses by capturing a life event in film. Hear your baby’s first cry, watch them open their eyes for the first time and see your childiren’s perfect reactions to meet their new sibling. You may not remember much of it, as all the special moments of your birth into a blur, so having a beautiful birth movie celebrating that day will give you, your child and your family a visual expression of your child’s birth and first moments outside the womb. You will be able to show your child their birth story and not only share it verbally. Parents never regret having their birth journey filmed professionally, but some of our clients do regret not knowing us when they had their first children.

We work quietly and discretely to capture all the amazing moments surrounding your beautiful birth.

Yes. Birth photography&videography is so new in the UK. We would ask you to talk to your hospital and birth team about us.

Ezgi is comfortable to do both photo and video at birth. Your “Birth Video” session will include 40-50 photos.

Your birth is a very personal and intimate life event, so meeting in person and developing a relationship is important. For a home birth, we’d prefer to meet at your home, otherwise we can choose a mutually agreed upon location. At our meeting we will discuss your wants and needs, the options we offer, answer questions etc. If time does not allow for a personal meeting, we could have a skype or phone consultation.

Ezgi is an observer. Unless you are okay with interaction, Ezgi will remain quiet and in the background.

We are on-call for you and will show up no matter what time it is.

We all hope for a birth that lasts a ‘reasonable’ amount of time. If you have a very short labour, everyone ‘wins’. If you have a long labour, we will be there for as long as it takes, at no extra charge.

Whether planned or not, it is your responsibility to talk to your provider about allowing us into the room. If there is no way for you to do this, and the doctor does not let us in, it would be best for your husband to capture what he can on his phone or on a camera. Once baby is ready, we will resume recording when allowed. We can use footage captured by your husband, although it may not be as high quality as our camera.

Yes. Your home is where the journey begins, and if you plan on staying there as long as you can, then we would want to be there to capture the magic.

At your consultation, we discuss what you want and don’t want filmed, as well as what you would like to have in the edited birth movie. We work within your comfort level, and you could change your mind about what you want me to film even at the birth itself. We can also have moments of your birth movie blurred out.

We generally stay 1-2 hours after the birth to capture first snuggles, weight, and footprints. Then we leave to allow you to have family time. If you’d like additional videos the next day or in 48 hours we offer “Just Born” add-on sessions.

Each birth tells a unique story, and each personal birth movie is treated as such. We go through the raw footage choosing the most touching and inspiring moments. This process could take up to 4 weeks.

Yes, we offer payment plans upon request. For details on pricing for your session please Contact Us!