What Is Birth Photography?

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Birth photography isn’t just a photo shoot, it’s a lifestyle

I believe that your birth space and the people in it are up to YOU!

I’ve attended 800+ births since 2012 and I’m grateful each time I’m invited into a birth space. Birth is not something that you can plan. So because of that, I only take 3 birth clients per month. I want to be there for your birth, and taking a small number of exclusive clients allows me to give you my full time and support. Not only on your images, but as you prepare for your birth and in your postpartum.  I’m available for call/text support anytime!

Here are some birth photography FAQ that might help you in your decision

What is birth photography? 

 Birth photography is documenting the day your child enters the world.  No matter how this baby comes to you, it’ll be a day that you’ll want to have captured.   Having photographs of the moment you meet the tiniest love of your life is a moment like no other.  You won’t regret having these photos for years to come and your child will be grateful for them as well. The day your child arrives is the most life changing moment in anyone’s life. Why not invest in having every moment of your birth story captured like you did for your wedding? You will want to remember every little detail. The strength you have as you bring your baby earth-side. The look on your partner’s face as they become a parent. The joy you feel as your baby is placed in your arms. Every tiny little detail of their squishy little body.

An experience unlike any in this lifetime. Full of so many unknowns and fears; full of strength and passion; full of power and connection. Whether you’ve done this before or this is your first time bringing a baby into the world, it will be a new experience, taking you to new heights, bringing you a new baby and a new version of motherhood. The woman you are on one side of birth will not be the same woman who is reborn on the other side. That’s why we, as women, hold onto our birth stories for our whole life. We talk about them with shame and regret or with pride and gratitude. Our birth stories are a legacy that we pass down to our children. Birth photos and video are a beautiful way to honour the difficulties and celebrate new life!

How does it work?  – Birth photography is very different than hiring a photographer for a family session or even a wedding. I meet or talk on the phone with all clients to discuss their birth plan and vision for photos. Births are unpredictable and can happen at any time! My commitment to my birth clients is to be on call for them, from 38 weeks, until their baby is born. This means, I’m available 24/7 to come to your birth, at any time. My life revolves around being on call for your birth story. We discuss the proper time to call me, and how to keep me updated in the days and weeks before labour starts. Once labour starts, you update me and we keep in touch until you tell me it’s time to come to you. I stay 1-2 hours after birth. This allows enough time for motherhood, nursing and sibling/family meeting the new baby photos.

How many images can I expect, and what is the best thing to ‘do’ with them? – There are no certain number of images that I give, but you can expect around 300-400.  The images are going to capture your story, the details and your first moments with your child.  

I want it to be very dark during birth, how will you take pictures in the dark? – I’ve had several mamas who want the room dark while delivering, professional photographers have gear that works in low light situations.   We can also talk about using a flash, or not, during a dark labour and birth.

Will my birth photos be in color, or black and white, or both? – The definite answer here is; it depends.  I personally love color for births, but some births just look better in black and white.  Also, some images look better in black and white.  My style is to give images that work for that birth and the lighting, mood and circumstance.

What if you miss a birth, get sick or have an emergency? – Any reputable birth photographer works with a backup. If I was sick or had an emergency, I’d call my backup to attend the birth.

What if the baby comes fast?

Good communication is key! Contacting me at the first signs of labour helps me to determine when I should come to your birth space.

What happens if you miss a birth?

If the baby happens to come very fast, I would still come to your place of birth and take photos. The fast birth is part of your story and I am there to document your story as it unfolds, even if it is fast! We also set up a Fresh48 or Motherhood session to replace what might have been missed in the event of a precipitous birth.  

What if I don’t want my photos shared?

I only share the photos I have permission to share! If you want to wait till you get your birth photos back to decide that is perfect! Whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Documenting your birth story is about the memories for you!

Payment Plans Included

I’m happy to create a payment plan for any birth package that suits the needs of your family. Most families pay my deposit and then a monthly payment until their due date.

I don’t want my labor documented but I’d love those first moments with baby photographed

I offer fresh 48 sessions(home-hospital) which is perfect for that!

Do you offer video? – Yes!  Contact me about upgrading your birth package to include a beautiful video about your child’s birth day. Birth Video Package includes your birth photos. Don’t miss that chance!

Why should I book with you over using a friend or other person who has a good DSLR? – Working in low light situations is not easy and even with a good DSLR camera, the capabilities in low light are not the same as a full frame professional quality camera.  It also takes a lot of time and practice to take pictures in near dark situations or the awful yellow hospital lighting.  I’ve taken a lot of time to learn how to make a photo beautiful in a terrible lighting condition. If you want professional photos, you have to hire a professional!