What Is On Call

May 14, 2021By 0

We blocked off two weeks before your due date and two weeks after.

We don’t travel.

If we are at family dinner, we leave. If we are on a date night for the first time in 3 months, We leave. Etc.

If your birth is 3 hours long, we are there. If your birth is 36+ hours long. We are there.

Our bags are packed.

You are not only purchasing our artistic expertise, our childbirth experience and knowledge, our provider relationships and client experience. You are purchasing our life.

Birth is something you can never re-do. It comes whenever it comes and there is 100% no control over it. Even inductions and c-sections dates can change.

If you are looking for a birth photographer, make sure you ask them what “on-call” means to them. How seriously do they take it?