What to Wear for Child&Family Session

May 14, 2021By 0


We want you to feel comfortable and be yourself. You don’t need to go out and buy anything for the occasion, but following these simple wardrobe tips will make your images feel special:

Avoid logos, busy patterns or cartoon characters/pictures.

Tiny prints (very thin stripes or checks) also don’t photograph well.

Think complimentary (not identical) when it comes to colour. Choose 2-3 colours for everyone to work with, and avoid being “matchy-matchy”.

Textures and layers are great (think cashmere, linen, cotton and flowy fabrics).

We love neutral tones or soft pastels – but ultimately you need to choose a palette you love.

And for in-home sessions don’t forget to put a great bedspread on the master bed (we shoot there). Choose something that compliments your outfits (if in doubt, go neutral/white).