Why Birth Video Session? 5 Reasons to Consider Filming Your Birth

January 6, 2023By 0
  1. Your baby being born is a really rare event. Every birth is different, so even if you are planning to have multiple children, each birth will be unique, both in terms of your experience and for the baby born that day.
  2. You likely will not remember details about the day or have much time to reflect on what is happening. By having your birth filmed, you can look back at the reality of the event. Seeing the process of giving birthmay also help you tell your birth story, which can be an empowering way to claim the experience of labour and birth.
  3. A birth video could be a really wonderful thing to eventually share with your baby. Plus, showing your child your body doing this amazing thing normalizes birth and normalizes bodies in a culture that can foster a lot of body-based shame, especially directed at women.
  4. If you have a partner, filming your birth might be a beautiful way of preserving the connection you experienced through the trial that is labour and delivery. You and your partner could then look back at this very intense and precious time where you worked hard and your partnersupported you to bring your beloved baby into the world.
  5. On the other hand, you might want to share your video much more widely through a channel like YouTube or Facebook. Watching birth videos can be a great way to prepare for your own birth, and perhaps you want to make the film of your birth available to others who want to prepare for their own births in that way. And regardless of whether you have a vaginal or cesarean birth, letting a wider circle of people watch your video will also help to normalize birth, which could benefit society as a whole.